Jan. 2000 - May 2002: Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering
   Ph.D. Dissertation, "Dependability Modeling and Analysis of Hierarchical Computer-Based Systems",
   defended successfully on August 31st, 2001
   Adviser: Joanne Bechta Dugan, IEEE Fellow
   PhD Committee: Barry W. Johnson (Chair), Stephen G. Wilson, Kevin Sullivan, and Ted C. Giras
  Aug. 1998 - Jan. 2000: M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering
   M.S. Thesis, "Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis of Static Phased-Mission Systems with Imperfect Coverage",
   defended successfully on December 3rd, 1999
   Adviser: Joanne Bechta Dugan, IEEE Fellow
  Sep. 1996 - July 1998: Graduate Student, Computer Science
  Sep. 1992 - July 1996: B.E. Computer Science
   B.E. Thesis, "Point-to-Point Real-Time Communication Based on NETBIOS",
   defended successfully in June 1996

Graduate Courses Taken in  
the University of Virginia
Course Semester Name Instructor
EE631 Fall, 1998 Advanced Switching Theory Lori Kaufman
SYS605 Fall, 1998 Stochastic System  K. P. White
CS651 Fall, 1998 Real_Time Computing John A. Stankovic, ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow
EE687 Spring, 1999 Fault Tolerant Computing Barry W. Johnson, IEEE Fellow
EE786 Spring, 1999 Reliability Engineering Joanne Bechta Dugan, IEEE Fellow
EE712 Spring, 1999 Digital Communication Steve Wilson
CS656 Spring, 1999 Operating Systems John A. Stankovic, ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow
EE613 Fall, 1999 Communication Systems Steve Wilson
EE686 Fall, 1999 Computer Organization & Design Ronald D. Williams
EE586 Spring, 2000 Wireless Communication Steve Wilson
EE786 Spring, 2000 Embedded Computing Ronald D. Williams
CS757 Fall, 2000 Computer Networks Jorg Liebeherr
ECE686 Summer, 2001 Probabilistic Risk Assessment Joanne Bechta Dugan, IEEE Fellow

Part of Graduate Courses Taken in
Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Computer Architecture Advanced Operating Systems
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Fuzzy Mathematics
Computability & Computational Complexity Modern Cryptography - Algorithm & Protocol
Multi-media Computer Technology